Avoid Buying Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit Product Solution Headquarters

“Thank you for working with Naztech to find those fakes!”


At Naztech we are determined to continue providing distinctive leading-edge consumer technology products that incorporate patented technologies, precision hand-craftsmanship, innovative and ergonomic designs, with the most advanced and finest quality materials.

The materials utilized in genuine Naztech products are of the highest quality and use only certified materials, while the finished products also go through a vigorous quality control testing process to ensure reliability and consumer safety. Naztech engineers have the utmost regard for our customers' security, so they go that extra mile to sustain safety regulations by obtaining globally recognized UL, FCC, CE, and ROHS certifications.

We are proud to offer goods as a member of Apple’s MFi licensing program, certified in maintaining quality of design on par with that of Apple’s own products. 

Our customers have come to expect certain standards from the Naztech name for all their technology needs, which is why we are putting important procedures in place to ensure that each and every one of their expectations continue to be met without fail.  

With your included Warranty Card in tow, we are more than prepared to honor the underlying statement in our philosophy which states that “complete customer satisfaction is, and always will be the number one priority at Naztech.”

Naztech is unrelenting in their motto that “people do business with people...” not imposters. Old adages may state that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but not when those imitations are misleading our customers into investing in sub-par products.  

We at Naztech hope to prolong the ideas of being inspired by inspiration and motivated by innovation with your help! Our suggestion for safety and precaution is to purchase your items directly from our website or an authorized reseller.  

If you sense you’ve found fakes please contact us so that we can protect you, your warranty, and our business; help prevent inspiration and innovation from hitting obstructions, as neither are found in deception. 

Thank you for being a valued Naztech customer!