Whether you’re jet skiing, snowboarding, camping, or just playing sports, the Naztech Vault is the ultimate guard in protecting your investment. The Vault perfectly fits onto your phone, and protects it in even the most severe of conditions by providing extra protection with a shock-proof structure that excels in preventing scratches and damage from high-impact activities. Now you can talk, text, take photos, shoot videos, and play music without damaging your phone. Fully enjoy your fun-filled, adventurous life with the Naztech Vault!

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  • Naztech Vault+ for iPhone 6 - Black
    The Naztech Vault+ proves to be the tight-sealed, ultra-slim waterproof case able to travel to 6.5ft/2m underwater. Even in the most severe of conditions, high-impact sports and outdoor enthusiasts can confidently talk, text, play music, shoot videos and take photos with the anti-reflective ca..