Need an eco-friendly way to protect your iPhone 5/5s? Naztech Zen earth-conscious protective cover features elegance and durability. This form-fitting snap-on cover is constructed of authentic natural wood to perfectly fit your phone and to protect your iPhone 5/5s from bumps and scratches. 

Naztech Zen eco-friendly covers come in three models featuring a wide variety of post-consumer woods, including teak, Senna siamea, saffron pears, baiyun, black apricot and Ukrainian plaque wood. These covers also feature organic compostable plant resins which reduce the dreaded carbon footprint that keeps raising global temperature. But the Zen is more than just a pretty face ready for her close-up. The durable construction is highlighted by reinforced corner protection and a raised lip for added screen protection. Join Mother Nature and Naztech with a stylish solution for your new iPhone and give the planet a break today.

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