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  • Naztech N2000 Universal Car-dash Mount
    The Naztech N2000 Universal Car-dash Mount is the most convenient way to secure your electronics within reach. Adaptable with most applications, this exceptionally portable product uses high tech anti-skid materials to create a solid mounting base that works with any surface while preventing your de..
  • Naztech N2100 Universal Tablet Headrest Mount
    The Naztech N2100 Universal Tablet Headrest Mount is the perfect accessory for mounting your iPad or 7” to 12” tablet to any headrest for backseat passenger use. The sturdy, portable mount securely holds your device for easy viewing and interaction while on the go. The mount can be easily removed an..
  • Naztech N2200 Universal Bike Mount
    The Naztech N2200 Bike Mount provides a secure and convenient solution to suitably positioning your smartphone or MP3 player while riding. The unit allows full swivel adjustability for easy portrait or landscape viewing angles of your device. With no tools required for installation, the N2200 is the..
  • Naztech N3005 Hi-Fi Digital Universal FM Transmitter
    Listening to your tunes and hands-free communication has never been more simple or efficient than with the Naztech N3005. Simply plug your Apple iPhone into the dock, tune an FM radio to the appropriate station, and let the N3005 do the rest. The N3005 wirelessly transmits the device's audio signal ..
  • Naztech N3010 FM Transmitter & Charger
    The Naztech N3010 FM Transmitter & Charger allows you to conveniently play music from your iPhone, iPod or iPad through external speakers using a radio’s open FM frequency. It comes with a built-in blue LCD display screen and charger that allows you to simultaneously charge your iPhone or iPod w..
  • Naztech N3020 Universal 3.5mm FM Transmitter
    With the Naztech N3030 you can now play tunes from your iPhone, mobile phone or other portable audio device through any FM stereo receiver, by simply finding an empty channel. Offering improved FM transmission, the Naztech FM Transmitter delivers crisp and clean audio performance for an unsurpa..
  • Naztech N3030 Hi-Fi Digital Universal FM Transmitter
    The Naztech N3030 is a Universal FM Transmitter that allows you to play music from any device with a 3.5mm port through your radio using an open FM frequency. Sleek Use the sleek and portable N3030 wherever you are and whenever you want, whether at home or in the car. The blue LCD screen displays th..
  • Naztech N3050 Universal Audio FM Transmitter
    The Naztech N3050 Audio FM Transmitter is a great universal car mount that holds your mobile phone, smartphone, music player, or GPS device while enabling you to concurrently charge your device, listen to music, or make calls via your car’s stereo system. It easily adjusts to the size of your device..