Naztech N230 International Dual USB AC Charger

Naztech N230 International Dual USB AC Charger

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The Naztech N230 International Dual USB AC Charger is an international charging kit designed to keep up with the demanding lifestyles of traveling professionals. The N230 includes a set of four AC plugs with prongs that fit into varying electrical outlets around the world. The N230 charger has dual USB ports with a total of 3100mA power. As an added feature, this package also includes an Apple® connector tip that allows you to charge an iPad, iPod or iPhone! For world travelers, this is the perfect charging kit to pack along the way.

Features Specifications
Included Interchangeable Worldwide Adaptors  Power Input: AC90~265V
Auto Switching 90~265V Total Power Output: 5V=3.1A(3100mA) 15W 2.1A+1A
IncludedApple® 30-pin Connector Protection: Short Circuit/Overcharge
Rapidly Charge 2 Devices Simultaneously Cable Length: 3 feet
Included Adaptors & Pouch 
3100mA of Power
Micro USB Cable

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