Naztech PB10400 Universal Power Bank

Naztech PB10400 Universal Power Bank

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The Naztech PB10400 Universal Power Bank is an unrivaled combination of power and design that allows you to keep all your mobile devices charged on the go. With five USB ports and multiple included connector tips, the PB10400 is the perfect solution accommodating the needs of your mobile devices while on a road trip, hike or long flight. This unit's tremendous power capacity of 10400mAh charges up to 5 devices effortlessly and efficiently, up to 3.1 amps – even 2 iPads or similar tablets at once. Never run out of power again!

Features Specifications Package Contents
10400 mAh of Li-ion Power Capacity: 10400mAh PB10400 Unit
High-capacity Rechargeable Battery Battery Type: Li-ion Micro USB Charging Cable
LED Charge & Power Indicators Output: 3.1A (max)/5V Assorted Connectors
Compact & Easy to Use Protection: Short Circuit/Overcharge Storage Pouch
  Product Size: 94mm x 79mm x 28mm User Manual
  Weight: 287g  

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