Care & Maintenance

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  • ScreenWhiz by Naztech 2-in-1 Stylus Pen and Screen Cleaning Kit
    The ScreenWhiz 2-in-1 Cleaning & Stylus Kit provides an easy and effective way to keep your mobile device in immaculate condition. Using an eco-friendly, non-abrasive solution, the patented drip-free applicator effectively removes numerous blemishes such as dirt, dust and fingerprints. Included ..
  • ScreenWhiz by Naztech All-in-one Cleaning Kit
    The ScreenWhiz  All-in-one Screen Cleaning KIt is the ultimate on the go solution to keep the screen of your device clean and free of blemishes. The innovative design is ultra-portable and lightweight with a high-quality, streak-free cleaning solution that is eco-friendly and refillable. The un..
  • ScreenWhiz by Naztech Cleaner & Mitt Kit
    The Naztech Scrren Cleaner & Mitt Kit utilizes an advanced cleaning solution formula and a revolutionary microfiber mitt to keep your devices' screens pristine and smudge-free. The non-abrasive cleaning solution contains anti-static and anti-bacterial properties to do more than just clean your s..
  • ScreenWhiz by Naztech Screen Cleaning Kit Solution - Refill 20ml
    Renew your ScreenWhiz All-in-One Screen Cleaning kit, ScreenWhiz Screen Cleaner & Mitt Kit, or ScreenWhiz 2-in-1 Stylus Pen and Screen Cleaning kit with this screen cleaning solution refill. ScreenWhiz's high quality, streak-free cleaning solution is eco-friendly but powerful. Continue to keep y..