Your device is an investment deserving the ultimate protection, guard it with the Naztech Vertex 3-layer cell phone covers! The inner silicone core absorbs shock from bumps and drops while a hard polycarbonate exterior shell prevents cuts, scrapes, dings, and damage. Your display will also be safe from any unsightly scratches behind the included screen protector. The Naztech Vertex allows your cell phone to function normally, with easy open access to all of your device's ports, screen, and other key buttons. Furthermore, the elegant look of your phone is preserved with the Vertex's form-fitting design. This protective cover is easy to use; first, simply apply the included screen protector on your display to prevent scratches. Second, take the mobile phone cover and separate the silicone core from the hard polycarbonate shell and slip your phone into the shock-absorbing silicone cover, and finally snap those grouped items into its hard protective shell. As an added value to you, a cleaning cloth is included with every case for wiping dirt or finger marks off the screen protector and hard exterior casing. Indulge in the knowledge that your phone is protected with the Naztech Vertex. Naztech is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality phone accessories and Hypercel is proud to offer their products as their master wholesale cellular accessories partner.

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